Christmas Program Booklet


I created my program by using Indesign and Illustrator. All the components of Indesign and Illustrator helped enhance the attractive design. This can be helpful for the real world if you need to create a program booklet in the future.

                      booklet2  booklet


Menu Project


For my menu project, I created Marvel Madness.  Marvel Madness is super-hero themed restaurant.  This restaurant is friendly for all ages.  I created the Marvel Madness menu with the use of Indesign.  This assignment can exercise the opportunity for people to practice on creating an attractive restaurant.

Marvel Madness

Wacky Water Slidz Simulation


I created my water park by using the following computer program: Indesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator.  With these programs I was able to create a realistic design of components for my water park.  I created a map, a ticket design, a logo, etc. This exercise would be useful for the real world when someone might want to start a business.

coupon12 Attractions

Grand Opening Flyer

logo indesign

Park Guide Park Guide2

ticket rules

Plastic Surgeries R Us


When creating the brochure for Plastic Surgeries R Us, I used indesign and photoshop.  I used indesign to create the layout and the color scheme of the brochure along with the important information.  With photoshop I edited photos to make the photo look more appealing.  These two programs and the assignment can be helpful for a real world situation because you can pursue a career in editing.


Brochure Design


The example brochures are fully equipped with the design principles: contrast, alignment, proximity, and repetition.  The family care brochure design uses repetition by placing family orientated photos throughout the brochure.  The Benavides Enterprise, INC. uses contrast with the bold colors the work well with each other.  The Personal Transformation brochure exemplifies the use of proximity and alignment by grouping the common points together and lining them according to their grouping.